Camera Club

Townend Camera club is a photographic club for Irvine and its district, based in the Townend Community Centre, Dreghorn, Irvine, Scotland.


Our Programme

A full and varied programme that runs from September to April.

Workshop nights run by club members.

Competitions, both internal and external, up to national level.

Visits by Lecturers.

Organised trips to try your skills outdoors.

Tips and advice on photo equipment and techniques.
Our ‘compact ‘camera club is on the ground floor with easy disability access. Its a modern and adaptable facility that allows us to quickly change the set up for different demonstrations and shows.

Its part of Townend Community Centre, hence the name.

Parking is available just outside the club if you get there early enough with lots more just the other side of the centre.  There is a great bar just across the road with a chippy just up the road a bit.

Check the contact page for an excellent map.
Our Clubhouse


See what our member’s work, showcasing their talent and what they have learnt from our favourite hobby. More...

Competition Rules
Details and requirements for entering our digital and print competitions.
Club Location and Contact Details
Find out where we are located and who does what.

Check out our Online section

Which has an amazing collection of online photographic and digital photo magazine links.


Townend Camera Club was established in over 40 years ago. During that time it has grown in stature and size to the club that is flourishing today.

To keep our club membership pulsating with ideas and allow them to explore their own style, we regularly hold workshops on the fundamental areas of photographic skills.

In the last season here at Townend Camera club we have had studio and digital workshops and an evening where we even built a camera.

Townend is rather unique in that we have our own permanent, well equipped studio that our members can use.    

Normally we meet on Wednesdays at 7:30pm in the Townend Community Centre in downtown Dreghorn,  Irvine. If you are interested in photography and want to improve your skills and can get to us, you are more than welcome to join our club.

Competitive spirit is never far away from the club’s membership, it is through striving to win that incites us to produce better images. The members have an array of interests and talents, so there is always something new to learn and to try.
Hints, tips and advice are traded in a helpful atmosphere by our membership.

Our club is affiliated to the Ayrshire Photographic Federation as well as the Scottish Photographic Federation. Through these affiliations we compete in national and international competitions.

The members of Townend Camera Club have quite a few things in common, our love of photography, a desire to improve our photography and that of others.

Feel free to browse the site. our Programme tells you of what we get up to in more detail.  

Please, enjoy your visit.

Kenneth Gordon B.A.

The Summer season is here, during this time we will be going on day trips to various local events and having an informal meeting on Wednesday nights. If the weather is good we will be heading out to capture it all.

Photographs taken in our local area.

Read  a photography

book today!

Our next formal season starts in early September, our programme of events is being  formalised as you read this. Check back here for the latest updates.

The next season we will be using a new competition format, more on the lines of individual competitions.

Meanwhile if your a member,  check out our Townend Camera Club  Facebook page.