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The photographic club at Townend community centre was established over 40 years ago and since then Townend Camera Club has grown in stature to the one that is positively flourishing today. It is acknowledged to be the best equipped photography clubs in Ayrshire.

To keep our club membership pulsating with ideas and allow them to explore their own style, and your programme is geared toward members both new and experienced getting the most from their photography.

So far this season we have had trips to local places of interest, studio nights and visits from lecturers.


Townend Camera Club uniquely has its own studio which we use to teach our members techniques that they can apply in their own portrait work.  

If you are interested in photography and would like to see how like minded people enjoy your hobby, then come along on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm, to our clubhouse in Dreghorn.

What we do

A full and varied programme that runs from September to April.  Competitions, both internal and external, up to national level.  Visits by guest lecturers.  Organised trips to try your skills outdoors.  Tips and advice on photo equipment and techniques.

Where we are


How to find us and how to contact us

Contact Us

Maps, contact form, postal address, who does what in the club.

One way to better your photography is to put it up against that others.  Here are rules on how to compete and how to present your images. Keep track of members scores throughout the year.

External and Internal
Rules & scores


A showcase for our members photography from beginners to the more experienced. Dynamically linked to a flickr page they are always kept fresh. Have a browse to see what we are up to.

Updated from Members Flickr pages



Our 2014-15 Programme is available for download. It can be viewed on the Programme page where any updates will be made available.
In the new season we will be using a new competition format, more on the lines of individual competitions.

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Meanwhile if your a member,  check out our Townend Camera Club  Facebook page.

For those wishing to e-mail their digital entry to the club, please make sure it conforms to the entry requirements and then you can use the following address

Christmas party and Quiz, Wednesday night at the club house.